White Flour Market in India


To understand the demand for white flour (maida) in four metros of India


The study was undertaken at 6 locations in India viz. Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata and Pune. Identified all existing flour mills in the target cities and prepared a profile of their capacity, production, major clients and distribution channels. Primary survey involved meeting a sample of users (institutional buyers such as bakeries and restaurants and household consumers). Through a structured and pre-tested questionnaire, information relating to purchase pattern, frequency, brand preferences, price paid, etc. was collected and collated. A similar exercise was done for selected manufacturers (mills) which included information on supply sources for wheat, distribution commissions, government regulations relating to packaging, hygiene and pricing, etc.

OUTCOME the findings of the report highlighted the current demand for white flour from different user categories and their expected demand in the coming years. It also brought out the supply side scenario, particularly the present production and distribution and pricing aspects thereby identifying opportunities existing in this sector.