Mumbai Metro Project


To understand legislative framework for urban transport (Metro system) in Mumbai. To identify decision makers and the decision making process for tendering and procurement


Primary and Secondary study was carried simultaneously to understand the overall project details and the phases involved. A detailed checklist of all authorities involved, their role and responsibilities were listed. Specifically, individuals involved in the decision making process in these organisations were identified. As part of the primary research, a questionnaire was prepared for all respondents selected for the personal interviews. Appointments were arranged in Delhi and Mumbai with Central & State government ministries, Delhi Metro and private players such as Reliance.


The report analysed and presented the legislative framework for urban transport (metros) such as responsibility of the Ministry of Urban Development and municipal authority/authorities (such as MMRDA) regarding the urban transport administration. Approvals and licenses required for railway operators, details of the BOT concession agreement for Mumbai Metro One, financial and other risks borne by the various players and roles of central and state government in the PPP project.