Small Scale Undertakings

Policy at a Glance

The Small & Medium Enterprises (SME) sector is one of the fastest growing industrial sectors all over the world. Many countries of the world have established a SME Development Agency (SMEDA) as the nodal agency to coordinate and oversee all Government interventions in respect of the development of this sector. In the case of India, though a separate medium sector is not defined, the Office of Development Commissioner (Small Scale Industries) also known as Small Industries Development Organisation (SIDO) functions as the nodal Development Agency for small industries. SIDO functions under the Ministry of SSI (Ministry of Small Scale Industries). Consequent to the increased globalization of the Indian economy, small industries are required to face new challenges. SIDO has recognised the changed environment and is currently focusing on providing support in the fields of credit, marketing, technology and infrastructure to SSIs. Global trends and national developments have accentuated SIDO’s role as a catalyst of growth of small enterprises in the country.

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