3G Spectrum Auction in India

1. What is 3G telephony?

3G indicates a new generation of telecom technology. While 1G networks used analog, 2G (second-generation wireless telephone technology) networks are digital. 3G (thirdgeneration) technology will now enhance mobile phone standards.

2. Advantages of 3G

• 3G helps to simultaneously transfer both voice data (a telephone call) and non-voice data (such as downloading information, exchanging e-mail, and instant messaging. The highlight of 3G is video telephony.The amount of bandwidth needed for 3G services could be as much as 15-20 Mhz, whereas for 2G services a bandwidth of 30-200 KHz is used. Hence, for 3G huge bandwidth is required.

• 3G services will enable video broadcast and data-intensive services such as stock transactions, e-learning and telemedicine through wireless communications.

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